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 "Although we weren't new to the home buying process, it was refreshing to work with someone that was always a step ahead and genuinely had our best interests in mind." Tracy H.

Hear from one of Kelley's past buyers:



Kelley is a big believer in planning ahead, if you are in the research stage of home-buying but not quite ready to buy, schedule one of Kelley's advanced home-buying preparedness consultations. These free, informal meetings do not commit you to working with Kelley, they just give you a chance to start a conversation about your goals and learn about Kelley's buyer representation style.  

FINANCIAL PREPAREDNESS - What steps do I need to be taking financially two years, six months, etc. from home buying. Lender connections and realistic pricing expectations for your goals.  


FIRST TIME BUYER EDUCATION - Learn the basics of home buying, an overview of the market in your specific price range and neighborhood, and ask any questions!


BUYING AND SELLING - A brainstorm session to evaluate the best strategies to coordinate both buying and selling properties in this low inventory market.


SEATTLE MARKET OVERVIEW - Where is the Seattle market now, and where is it going? Understanding the changing market climate and interest rates will help you consider the timing of your next investment.  



With over eleven years experience as a full time Seattle Real Estate Broker, Kelley has proven herself in what matters most, taking extraordinary care of her clients. Which is why it is no surprise that almost all of her business is already generated through repeat clients and referrals, those who trust and enjoy working with her. Kelley is committed to real estate for the long haul. And her decisions and advice are based on earning your referrals for life, not just earning the next commission. In an industry that often lacks integrity and a long-term perspective, Kelley guides you to investments that make sense long term, not just a quick sale.


Attention to Detail

Kelley's attention to detail ensures you are a more educated purchaser. From rusty baseboard nails indicating past water damage, to a closed curtain concealing an unsightly neighbor, Kelley looks for red flags to protect your investment.  


Keen Negotiating 

The right combination of guts and grace. Kelley has a keen sense for what strategies will merit the best results for you when it comes to negotiating and has the social tact to deliver them effectively. She believes you can be aggressive and bold while also being professional and courteous. Her ability to build rapport among Realtors in Seattle has earned her a strong network of working agent relationships.  



Kelley will tell you if she does not think it is a wise investment or a realistic lifestyle fit. She give honest advice about the pros and cons of the home so you have a smart exit strategy (how to sell your home) right when you purchase it.

Zealous Research

Kelley doesn't leave any stone unturned when it comes to research. Her curious nature and painstakingly thorough research style result in you being a very informed buyer. She combines value analysis methods from comparable sales, homes that did not sell, value changes over time, and current competition to reach an accurate assessment on home values, independent of list price.

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